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Episode 106- Iran’s Dark SECRET: Child Prostitution and Trafficking

While the world was watching the election battle in Iran â its sex trade was thriving. As part of our continuing focus on Iran, RUTV explores the often overshadowed problem of the sexual trafficking of children and young women in the country.

Run time 00:32:19


Reviewer: pkbboston - - January 23, 2014
Subject: Hi
I'm doing a video for Ucount to raise awareness for the stop of human trafficking and wanted to know if I could use a small clip from your production. This would go on ucounts wed site. I would also give credit to you and would love for you to see finished product. Here are some states: 1) Today, it is estimated as many as 27 million people around the world are victims of modern slavery.
2) Around the world, as many as 27 million men, women, and children toil in bondage. This crime undermines economies and the rule of law. It shatters families and communities. It is an affront to our most fundamental values. 3) Trafficking is estimated to be $32 billion industry, affecting 161 countries worldwide.
(Thank you for making this video to open the eye's of the world)
I wanted to use this by 1/25/2014

Thanks Phillip